How It Works - iPhone®/iPad®

Here are step-by-step instructions and shortcuts to get you started.

Add a New Building

Add a New Building

The home page of the app lists all your projects. Update your app settings, and add, edit or delete projects from this page.

  • Add Project:
    Tap on Add a new building.
  • Edit Project:
    Left swipe and select Edit. You can update your location and re-align your Site Plan.
  • Delete Project:
    Left swipe and select Delete. Deletions are permanent.
  • Edit Settings:
    Tap on the Settings button at the bottom of the page to edit your app settings.
Upload Site Plan

Upload Site Plan

Email or take a photo of any blueprint, site plan or building drawing. Use the integrated map to align the plans and establish the geo-coordinates of your location.

  • Update Your Location:
    Enter your location in the address fields.
  • Upload Site Plan:
    Upload a floor plan photo from your camera roll.
  • Align Site Plan:
    Align your site plan using the integrated map.
Manage Plans

Manage Plans

The app lets you partition your projects into separate floors and align to the coordinates of your location. This lets the app geo-locate your position and the photos you take.

  • Add Floor:
    Tap on Add a new floor. Upload plan in the next screen.
  • Edit Floor:
    Left swipe and select Edit to change the floor name or to upload/delete floor plans.
  • Delete Floor:
    Left swipe and select Delete. Any photos attached to this floor are marked Unassigned.
Take Photos

Take Photos

See your floor plan, take photos and attach them to markers. Markers are a convenient way to group your photos at a single location on the floor plan. Edit markers, attach notes to photos, and access all your photos and markers.

  • Navigate:
    Pinch and zoom to access different parts of your floor plan.
  • Geo-Locate:
    If the floor plan is aligned, tap on the GPS icon to move the pin to your location on the floor. You can also touch and hold on the screen to position the pin manually.
  • Take Photo:
    Tap on the PHOTO icon. You can either create a new marker or add photos to an existing marker.
  • Edit Marker:
    Touch and hold on any marker icon to show a menu. Edit or delete marker or photos. View all photos attached to a marker.
  • Toggle Camera:
    Tap on the Toggle Camera icon to switch between front and back-facing cameras.
  • Full-Screen:
    Tap on the camera view to view the camera full-screen.
  • Camera Roll:
    Tap on the photo icon at the bottom right to see all photos.
Add Marker

Add Marker

While taking a photo, tap on the marker icon at the bottom center of the screen. You can edit the marker name, choose a marker icon and attach a note and/or tags to the photo.

  • Marker Name:
    Give your marker a name.
  • Marker Icon:
    Choose from a list of various icons. This icon will be used on this screen and elsewhere as the representation for this marker.
  • Photo Note:
    Enter a note, including Emoji characters. You can also attach a hashtag (e.g. #Lobby) - this will help you search for a photo in the Photo Roll.
Update Marker

Update Marker

Touch and hold on a marker icon to show a menu. Edit or delete markers or photos. View all photos attached to a marker.

  • View Photos:
    View all photos attached to this marker.
  • Rename Marker:
    Change the name of the marker.
  • Delete Marker:
    Permanently delete the marker. Any attached photos are marked Unassigned, and can be reassigned to another marker from the Photo Roll.
  • Delete Marker and Photos:
    Permanently delete the marker and all photos attached to the marker.
View Photos

View Photos

Tap on the photo icon at the bottom right of the camera view screen to see all your photos. Attach photos to markers. Delete, search, view, share and add notes to photos or take a comparison shot.

  • Delete Photo:
    Left swipe to delete. Deletions are permanent.
  • Search Photo:
    Enter a search term at the top to search photos. Search for marker names, notes and hashtags.
  • Assign Photo:
    Left swipe on a photo from the Camera Roll to assign an unassigned photo or to reassign a photo already attached to a marker. Touch and hold on the marker icon in the next screen to assign.
  • View Photo:
    Tap on a photo. From this screen, you can:
    • Save, email or share the photo on social media
    • Take a comparison photo
    • Add notes and hashtags
Archive Projects

Archive Projects

Left swipe on a project and tap on the archive. Enter your name, email address and project details. Once created, you will receive an email with a link that you can use to access your project photos. The Project Archive download will be made available in an HTML format for any offline use. Additionally, the HTML archive can be converted to a PDF with clickable links to all of your captured jobsite photos.